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        Global Voices Online - The world is talking. Are you listening?
        Sunday, February 19, 2006
        Science found the solution for all our social problems
        A recent scientific research revealed that we developed as a result of cooperation to survive, not because our hairy, stooped, club clinching, spooky ancestors outsmarted all other creatures in hunting and gathering.

        This is news. This is big news! Read between the lines and you will find the answer to modern time problems. Gender and all other forms of discrimination, ethnic tension and clashes, wars and poverty can be solved with this new information that scientists have given us.

        I’m repeating myself for some effect here - there is scientific evidence that we develop when we cooperate. Chimps remain chimps because they don’t have the capacity to help one another.

        It’s really hard to think that we have developed much more than our ancestors when we see what is going on in the world today. Our weapons are definitely more sophisticated and we are more aware of the larger picture. But, we still get stuck and at times regress in our behaviors thus acting really barbaric. If we just remember that cooperation will see us through, we can get past that impasse and perhaps have a good laugh about it later.

        In its Feb. 23rd issue, Time magazine was arguing that the decline of science in the US can be attributed, amongst other things, to the end of Cold War competition. Undeniably, that nasty competition has led to some great inventions. But this cooperation stuff is going to be larger than that. Much larger.

        The research found out that our ancestors needed a common enemy – the predator – to come together and transform themselves and their world to the extent that they did. Therefore, it’s not hard to assume that we modern human beings need a common enemy to gang up against to further develop. I have a few suggestions (my site, so I go first). Poverty, environmental degradation, ethnic clashes, wars, discrimination, perhaps aliens if they are really out there, bird flu, HIV/AIDS, TB, river blindness, cancer… even loneliness will do. We have an endless list.

        I want to mention gender inequality by itself because women and feminists are the major beneficiaries of this new finding. Have you ever participated in gender inequality discussions/rows? Where does the discussion/row usually end? With men going back to how their ancestors were hunters/gatherers while women are the care givers… This is often said in a very snobbish way to degrade women’s contribution. Now we know that human beings developed due to cooperation. Our male ancestors didn’t get us here by themselves or bravely going out there in harms way to hunt for us women. We cooperated in an equal partnership. 50-50 partnership. To all desperate housewives out there - next time any body tries to ridicule your job of staying at home raising children, throw this cooperation stuff in their face. You have a scientific theory to back you up! No scoffing here because it’s only a theory. The scientist did brain imaging and other clever studies.
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