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        Sunday, July 02, 2006
        Democracy? No thank you, Sa!

        African leaders have refused to adopt a democracy charter that would have made it more difficult for unpopular presidents to stay in office. BBC

        Now, this is the type of news that makes a dark and stormy Sunday afternoon even more depressing. The BBC article didn't make it any better by I was disappointed with BBC's article by the way for mixing up issues. They didn’t even have their usual "Have your say" section to let people vent.

        I've always felt a bit dodgy about the African Union but never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that our dear leaders would blatantly refuse democracy.

        Understandably, the situations in Sudan and Somalia demand urgent attention. But is the refusal "to adopt a democracy charter" going to be blown off just like that? How come others such as IRIN didn’t pick up the story?
        posted by Fikirte @ 4:45 PM   Digg!
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          At 8:40 PM, Blogger zinzi said…

          African Democracy?
          To everything turn, turn, turn and a ...continent... worth every tear shed under heaven.

          What has Africa's contribution been these past 20 years?

          1. A great subject for scholars
          for which they justify dollars
          and more dollars for research
          and projects that have earned
          them doctorates whether the
          children lived or died, whether
          the refugees ever make it to a
          safe haven or not, whether
          democracy is ever attained or

          2. New topics for flagging stations
          guaranteed to bring a tear or at
          least a comment of sympathy by
          the viewer. Occasionally, a
          worthy topic that diverts
          attention from internal thorns
          in the flesh.

          3. Topics of debate in presidential

          4. Mission trips.

          5. Enough carnage in one part or
          another that the minor
          atrocities by other leaders are
          overlooked until it is too late.

          6. Testing grounds for African-type

          Will Africa ever attain democracy as advocated by Western Scholars?

          No, absolutely not.

          Oh, yes the leaders will pay lip service to the demands of the West. They will meet the first three of the twenty-nine conditions laid out by the G8, the
          World Bank and the IMF. But all the letters of the alphabet will not achieve the observance of human rights, nor the need to do right because to do so will erode the power of those who would make this happen. Sadly, it ain't gonna happen, at least not any time soon.

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