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        Global Voices Online - The world is talking. Are you listening?
        Thursday, September 21, 2006
        How cool is that?
        The same week an Ethiopian scientist found a 3.3 million year old fossilized skull of a girl, Selam (Ethiopian word for peace), is unveiled (a day before the UN International Day of Peace), a 17 year old Nigerian girl, Felix, is preparing for a unique journey into space this coming Saturday (9/23. Felix got picked amongst more than 400 applicants to "experience zero gravity".

        Felix is top of her school in her favorite subjects of physics and chemistry. Most of her class of 60 are lucky to have one book between two. "At least we all have chairs," she said with a laugh. A Huston-based Spaceweek International Association is sponsoring Felix’s trip to space.
        The full story here.

        Go Felix and welcome (to the surface)Selam!

        I think the following is an interesting comment about the returning spaceshuttle Atlantis...

        "We have always seen in the program that little things come out in space -- pieces of plastic, ice, lint," Hale said. "We've chased many, but we seldom find what they are. . . . Sorry we're being a litterbug here."
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