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        Friday, April 07, 2006
        100 days in hell: remembering genocide victims in Rwanda
        Today is National Mourning Day in Rwanda (genocide remembrance day).
        In 1994, upto 800,000 Tutsies and 'moderate' Hutus were killed in the genocide that lasted 100 days. I wish remembering those who were brutally masacered and the survivors who still carry the physical, emotional and psychological scars could make the world a better place so that their death and sufferings are not in vain.

        The 'never again' promise that echoed after the Holocust is proving to be an empty vow as we still allow genocides to happen. Darfur is happening today while the world cannot even decide whether to call it genocide or not, while NATO is waiting for the African Union to formally request its help, while it is not clear who is going to be responsible after the UN temporarily takes the responsibility of peace keeping from the AU... What a load of crap!

        I will save my ranting for another post. Here are some informative links about the Rwandan genocide.

        Convention on genocide
        Bystanders to genocide
        Testimonials of survivors
        Chronology of events
        Ten years on
        Guilty of by standing
        Rwanda today
        Women of Rwanda building the future
        ...the orphan who adopted me


        Rwandan genocide in a historical context
        Humaniterial failure">Humanitarian failure


        Hotel Rwanda
        Shooting Dogs
        In Rwanda we say...

        The future

        The beautiful side of Rwanda

        Division is created by bad leadership. The Rwandan government is fighting against segregation. This gives me hope. I do have hope in the future. The most important thing everyone asks for is peace – even if you have only a little to eat, to be able to eat it in peace. Even though I’m old, I ask for peace and I have it now. I am sad, but I have peace. I’m in a peaceful country. (Rwandan Servivers' blogsite)
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          At 11:58 AM, Blogger zinzi said…

          A War’s Interlude

          Gun shots in place of birdsong
          Tears replaced laughter
          For years we cried
          And buried and wept
          And eulogized
          Seemingly without end

          Then suddenly or so it seemed
          The night was over
          The day dawned and
          Laughter filled the mountainside
          And echoed into the valley

          Even the flowers blossomed fuller
          And the honeybees filled the air
          With their humming
          As if filling the hives
          For the beer that would flow thru’
          The land once again

          Oh joy is my name
          My sides ache from laughter
          My cheeks hurt from smiling
          Greetings to one and all
          Song fills my heart
          And I am thankful

          The safety catch is on
          The guns will fire no more
          No reason to
          For the love of brothers
          Cannot be killed by guns
          Nor the blood of our children
          Allowed to flow like the rivers
          That are the very life of our land

          A ceasefire and a sigh
          Relief beyond measure
          For now I can sit by the sea
          And watch the tide go out
          And know that I will still be here
          When it comes in
          I will still be here
          If only I knew for sure
          That this peace is for forever!

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