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        Friday, April 28, 2006
        Rally for Darfur
        On Sunday 30 April, there are rallies organized in different cities in the US to raise awareness on the situation in Darfur and make polititians do more to stop the on-going genocide.

        Which cities?
        The rallies are organized in 18 cities.

        Virtual rally
        If you cannot physically be in any of the above cities, at least sign this
        petition online.

        Or phone
        Call the white house at 1 800 224 2084.

        Excerpts of George Clooney’s report here

        A gloomier picture
        The UN is cutting food rations in half because of shortage of funding.

        Urgent situation
        Look how fast the situation deteriorates.

        A pathetic Council
        The UN Security Council is allowing a genocide to happen again. With two of its permanent members, Russia and China, keenly eyeing personal benefits from Sudan (2 billion barrels of reserve oil is no joke) no wonder that the Council was dragging its feet to even sanction four people let alone the whole Sudanese government. Time, unfortunately, is running out for thousands of Darfurians.

        What is this veto power nonsense anyway, shouldn’t the Council be run democratically?

        Five nations are permanently represented on the Security Council. They reflect the post-war power structure that held sway when the council was formed.(source)

        Exclusive news flash for the Members of the Council. End of world war:1945. Today is 2006.

        Come to think of it, what business does the Council, an undemocratic body itself, have sanctioning regimes and authorizing war to bring peace and democracy…? Talk about double standards.

        Let’s focus now
        One thing at a time. Go out and do what you can to help Darfur. As we say in Ethiopia, “united yarns/webs can tie a lion” I never thought which one we are talking about until today when I try to translate this into English because there is only one Amharic word,'dir', for yarn and cob web. Hmmmm. Well both are flimsy by themselves to tie a lion, so you get my drift, right?
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        The face of VAW

        Kamilat - victim of acid burning The face of VAW - violence against women. It should and can be stopped with enough commitment. Helping one woman at a time is a start.
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